The Project
Final Guide

Motivation and discipline in schools. What can we do to improve?

There are two disturbing problems of our time: the lack of discipline among a lot of the student (it can severely interrupt lessons); and the lack of motivation (the students are often rewarded materially by their parents, in order to make them to study regularly). These two critical situations bring to the necessity of the consistent parental involvement in their children's education.
Discipline problems and disrespect towards the others among teenagers became more a rule than an exception, and these negative attitudes and actions severely impact the motivation of the students to learn and to do a high-quality work in their studies. It also distracts those students who really want to study. Many teachers and students are also gravely bothered by the disorder and danger at school, and not without a reason: approximately every month 3 % of teachers and students in urban schools, and 1-2% in rural schools are robbed or physically attacked. In addition to this, some classrooms are frequently disrupt by other, minor kind of misbehaviour that interrupts the plan of classroom activities and interfere in learning process. A great part of the lesson is dedicated to the discipline problems rather than to the instruction. The cultivation of good habits and discipline in students is a process that must be developed in a partnership, coordinated and communicated with parents and school. Our proposal is to establish common criteria to define a protocol of behaviour.